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Our Company

Will’s Window Cleaning Service was created more than 8 years ago by Will Capewell. Will founded the company for a simple reason, and that was to simply provide great customer service. At Will’s Cleaning Services we love what we do. There is nothing we love more than transforming a property that is unkempt and dirty, into a home that looks fresh and inviting. We really enjoy working in the community, in Bournemouth and surrounding areas and delivering a personable and professional service that really adds value to people’s homes. If you would like window cleaning in Bournemouth, get in touch and see the difference we can make to your windows, gutters and conservatories!

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 Choose Will’s Window Cleaning Services For


  • Customer Service

We believe in great service and that is only achieved by being friendly, helpful and ready to carry out task you have, however big or small.


  • The Environment

When we use the water fed pole method of cleaning, we use purified water which means there are no chemicals or cleaning materials in the water. The use of natural water is obviously the kindest to the environment, so you can be sure that there is only minimal impact to the environment when we clean your windows.

  • Experience

With over 8 years of experience cleaning windows in Bournemouth, you can rely on us for efficiency and professionalism.



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“Will is always polite and works to a high standard.”

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Our Cleaning Methods

We use two methods of window cleaning and which one we use depends on what we think will work best on your property. Some residents prefer one method over the over, and if you have a preference, we will always pick your specified method of water cleaning.


Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional window cleaning is good to use when the windows haven’t been cleaned for a long time. We have a number of solutions and cleaning methods which allow us all that hard to remove dirt and grime. We will also wipe down all of your frames and sills, something which some window cleaners charge extra for.

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traditional window cleaner in bournemouth



Water Fed Pole Cleaning

There are a number of advantages to the water fed pole for high reach window cleaning. One of the greatest benefits is that we can reach all of those windows at a great height. The long poles mean that we can access windows safely and with no danger to any person(s) or property.

We also use purified water. Ordinary water is full of sediments and minerals, and it is these impurities that cause the spotting and streaking when tap water dries on a surface. We filter the water we use which means that when it dries there is absolutely nothing in the water that can leave any streaks. This means we can leave the windows to dry naturally, leaving no marks at all.

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