window cleaner bournemouth Dorset



What areas do you cover?

We cover the following areas in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Town Centre, Branksome, Lilliput, Sandbanks,  Talbot Woods, Winton, Christchurch. 

Do you just turn up every month?

We will always text/email the day before your windows are due to be cleaned, any one-off and gutter cleaning etc are booked in advance.

Do I have to be home?

Not at all, leave your side the gate unlocked as per our reminder messages the day before and when you come home your windows or guttering will be sparkling!

I'm notified your coming tomorrow but I'm on holiday and can't leave the gate open?

Don't worry, if we can't gain access to the rear of your property, we will clean what we can and charge a reduced price, so as not to adversely affect our cleaning schedule with our other clients.

Is it expensive?

We pride ourselves on our fair and competitive prices, cost effective.

We have minimum charges of  £15.00 Monthly and  £20.00 2 Monthly. 

Do you use ladders with a bucket and squeegee?

We continually use the latest pure water technology, from the safety of the ground, primarily for health and safety reasons.

Use of ladders may be required of access is needed, onto a garage roof for example.

Do you clean internal windows?

Unfortunately, we do not complete internal window cleaning.
(Only for commercial / select clientele.)
If you clean in the rain, wont it make the windows dirty? 

The only reason your windows look worse after rainfall is because of the simple fact that they have not been cleaned and the water has clinged onto the dirt, dust and whatever else is on them. Avoiding having your windows cleaned due to the common misconception that rain makes your windows dirty, can in the long term cause irreparable damage. If your windows are already clean, then raindrops will not cling to the glass and will simply wash away.

Is there a minimum size job you can take on?

There isn't a minimum-sized job, but we do have a minimum charge of £15.00. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Do I have to sign a contract or is there a minimum amount of cleans?

Either monthly or 2-monthly visits. 

Creating a Go-Cardless account is required for your cleaning service to start.

In so doing you agree to our T&Cs in our T&C page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept BACs, for one-offs gutter cleans etc.

For regular window cleaning services, we use Go-Cardless for all our collections, please see our payments page for further information.